As most D.J.s working in clubs or discotheques are used to "Mixing" or "Re-mixing" these demonstrate retro and new sounds!

From SL 1200's to Pioneer RX every M.J. has a favourite hardware or software set-up that suits them either expensive or cheap, amatuer or professional.

Even back in the hayday of the "Disco D.J." 70's 80's some would use an array of hardware firstly the legendary Technics SL1200 Mk2 (B.P.M.) and from my own experience some clubs had four of these or even eight! This enabled some M.J.s (Mixing Jox) to perform some pretty impressive re-mixing using the software (Vinyl) and the best of these were from the U.S.A. (thicker vinyl and better sound quality) they also had more often than not - more versions of the track! Just two copies were enough to enable a re-mix but four would be the absolute M.J. special "personal remix" as no other could do - and some were amazing "one-offs" that were never heard again! (Unless the old tape cassette was recording the show?)

DJ Wacky Trax

Losing The House (Save Me Mix) N° 6 - January 2019

Fisher - Losing It (Original Version)

Merk & Kremont - Sushi (Radio Mix)

Prince Ringo - Don Trumpet (Radio Edit)

David Caruso - Do You Still Care Enough (Intro Sample)

Tiziara - Save Me (Extended Version)

FLGTT - Ecuador 2K18 (Radio Edit)

Bass Bottle & No Whine Starter!